About us

Headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, PROSYS is an SME with long experience in the design and implementation of complete sensing, monitoring and control systems in a wide range of applications, from surveillance of public utilities to industrial automation. PROSYS develops customized solutions and offers a large range of services for custom hardware design, implementation and testing, as well as hardware/software integration and testing.

Relevant experience

The expertise of the company covers both the hardware and the software for the instrumentation of complex applications, laying at the intersection between research and engineering. PROSYS is actively involved in R&D activities together with major research and academic institutes, as well as key public utilities providers. PROSYS was involved in several Romanian and European research projects concerning the study of novel sensing systems for real-time monitoring and regulation of temperature in buildings, wireless inertial sensing for structural health monitoring, as well as the design of new electrochemical sensors for environmental monitoring. Recently PROSYS has developed the hardware sensor platform for healthcare applications in the European Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) project IS-ACTIVE.

For the past 5 years PROSYS has also expanded its activities to web-based user interfaces.

Nr. Reg. Com.: J40/5960/1993
CUI: RO3620872