SMART is an innovative monitoring system for leak detection in water pipe networks. SMART can monitor simultaneously up to four pipe networks, with lengths between 20 and 3500 meters for networks using a resistive NiCr cable of 6 ?/m .

IMU Gateway

IMU Gateway connects a wireless network of IMU 8DOF boards to the PC. IMU Gateway is used for data collection and signaling of events to the end user. Key features: Standard USB interfacing and fast USB data transfer. Power amplifier


IMU 8DOF is a unique inertial sensing unit that combines the latest advances in MEMS sensor design, wireless communication and low-power microcontrollers. It provides accurate and detailed motion information, a dedicated microcontroller for writing application-specific software, and a separate System-on-Chip

Full-3D IMU 9DOF

The Full-3D IMU 9DOF is a new complete inertial platform with all degrees of freedom, low-power wireless communication (ZigBee® and IEEE 802.15.4 compatible) and processing on-board. Key features: 9 degrees of freedom: 3D accelerometer, 3D magnetic compass and 3D gyroscope.