National Projects

Camera Incerc

Complete monitoring and control system for testing installations of radiant ceiling panels

Beneficiary: National Institute for Building Research (INCERC)


Innovative system for the surveillance and leak detection in water pipe networks – SMART

Beneficiary: National Heating Supplier (RADET), THIC SRL Pascani, KAROLINE SRL Targoviste, HIDROTERMIZ SRL Iasi, CAMICONI SRL Bucuresti, VD CONS SRL Bucuresti


Complete automation and remote control of electrical substations for the public transport network in Bucharest

Beneficiary: Bucharest Public Transport Operator (RATB)


3-axes control system for precise LASER treatment

Beneficiary: METAV SA Bucuresti


High accurracy measuring systems for Physical Chemistry laboratories: potentiostats, galvanostats and cyclic voltammetry interfaces

Beneficiary: Physical Chemistry Institute of Bucharest, METAV SA, Polytehnic University of Bucharest, Polytechnic University of Timisoara, INMR

The automation of the testing installation for airplane and tank braking systems

Beneficiary: METAV SA

Diagnose system for evaluating the performance of indoor heaters within buildings

Beneficiary: INCERC Bucharest

Acoustic energy measurement

Beneficiary: INCERC Bucharest

3-axes control system for automated window cutting machinery

Beneficiary: SETUM SA Bucharest, Glassal SA Bucharest